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The Tacker
The Tacker
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Here is the sequence: Attach the halyard to the spinnaker's head, the sheet to the spinnaker's clew, the downhaul to the spinnaker's tack where the TACKER has already been shackled, pass the TACKER around the furled headsail, clip the snap shackle onto the spinnaler's tack and hoist away. Trim the sheet and the downhaul and you are sailing. The downhaul, in most cases, can be replaced by a rope pennant always on the spinnaker's tack, making the operation even easier.

Of course you can fly a spinnaker without a pole and without the TACKER, but bear in mind that a conventional spinnaker is designed to fly a couple of feet above the lifelines. Its foot (between the clew and the tack) should always be horizontal. Securing the spinnaker tack to the deck is not the best way to set the sail. It is too low and the spinnaker will chafe on the bow pulpit and lifelines. If you add a pennant or a downhaul, the spinnaker falls off to leeward and the pennant chafes on the pulpit and the sail looses its shape. That's when the TACKER saves the day. It holds the tack, and the luff, of the spinnaker close to the centerline of the boat and it can be adjusted up and down with the downhaul for a perfect trim. The NEW Tacker is now fitted with a snapshakle, which allows the operator to blow the tack of the spinnaker, making it even easier to control the sail.

The Tacker in action.

The ATN difference is worth it.

The Tacker The patented Tacker has been developed to control the tack of the cruising spinnaker (asymmetric) by fastening it over the furled headsail and it allows you to use your conventional (symmetric) spinnaker like an asymmetric spinnaker from beam reaching to broad reaching without the need of the spinnaker pole.

Press Reviews:
"We think the TACKER is a terrific way for casual sailors to get more use out of their spinnakers ... The inexpensive TACKER allows you to fly a conventional spinnaker without a pole"

- Practical Sailor -

The TackerIf you're a sailor, be on the lookout for the new ATN Tacker display at your favorite marine store. This display, designed and produced by Laser Advertising, will be on the shelves of vendors soon. The Tacker is a product that allows sailors to use a cruising spinnaker like an asymmetric spinnaker without the need of the spinnaker pole. The three-sided display has photos that show the Tacker in action and its benefits.

Etienne Etienne Giroire, an experienced competitor on the international sailing circuit, founded ATN Inc. in 1985. Since then he has developed products to make sailing simple and safe. In addition to the Tacker, ATN Inc. manufactures spinnaker sleeves, Genoa sleeves, the Topclimber and the Gale Sail. The products have been enthusiastically received by sailors throughout the world. To date, ATN has manufactured more than 30,000 spinnaker sleeves, 15,000 Tackers, 10,000 Topclimbers and 2000 Gale Sails.

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Latitude 38 Magazine Cover

ATN Tacker

Perfect illustration of flying the spinnaker with the ATN Tacker by Latitude 38 Magazine. The ATN Tacker makes flying the spinnaker easier and safer. Thousands sold!

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