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Genoa Sleeve Sun Shield
Genoa Sleeve Sun Shield
The ATN Genoa Sleeve

Click for Larger Protects the furled sail without the sacrificial sun cover.
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ATN Genoa Sleeve Pricing:

Up to 50' US $13.50/ft
Up to 75' US $17.00/ft
Up to 100' US $22.00/ft
Over 100' US $30.00/ft


I just received my ATN genoa sleeve and it fits perfectly. Since I have purchased a tacker, mast climber and this is my third genoa sleeve over the years, I have to say the one you just sent is the most well made and being able to zipper up to the sheets from both ends is a real improvement. 5 stars for your product.....again!!

David L.

I got the sleeve today and put it on after the race…VERY VERY GOOD!! It went on in just a couple minutes and fit perfect. After wrestling with a genoa sock for 5 years this is a HUGE improvement. The sail is better protected and it goes on with ease.

Well done!!!
Dan F.

Hello Etienne,
A few years back, we purchased a used sailboat and quickly discovered the head sail "sacrificial edge" was failing. At the end season I had the edge cloth replaced after researching new sail prices, what a mistake that was! They used the wrong fabric, totally screwed up the characteristics of the sail! After that season I removed everything that was added, and replaced it with lightweight fabric. The sail's characteristics are back to normal, and I wanted to protect it from the Sun and elements.

I found a ATN jib cover online and liked it's drawstring idea. The little sail bag it comes with is handy. It quickly lifts, doesn't tangle and is a breeze to secure. Last Summer we had some 70MPH gusts w/ 40 MPH sustained winds. Several of the boats lost their headsails while tied up to the docks.... Not us though! We even had a couple inches of hail, Just blasted the whole place! interiors in boats were shredded... Our jib sock kept us safe and ready to sail! I particularly like the plastic clip at the top, to keep the load off the zipper while hoisting.

Last year we even noticed another ATN jib cover on a neighbor's boat... Your product is catching on!!! Thanks for a superior product.


Pam Wall's own "Kandarik" with the ATN Genoa sleeve. Ask Pam about it at

Oyster 575- 72 ATN Genoa Sleeve
"Kandarik" with the ATN Genoa Sleeve

"I got one. It was only $300 something and a new genoa for my boat starts at well over $1000. I don't believe in roller reefing, only furling. I have four headsails and none of them have sun covers. When I race the boat, I put up the most appropriate sail but I use the furler as designed rather than in "race mode" without the drum. At the windward mark I furl it and raise the chute, makes for easier foredeck work. When I'm done and want to scoot my butt on up to the club, I furl the jib, put on the cover and jet. Covers for all my sails would be much more than $300 and I don't have to put up with the overstuffed bra shape you get with the suncovered sails. This one is only a little more than the basic sleeve models sold by sailrite and others and it has one major advantage, it has a drawstring arrangement that allows you to snug it up around the sail after you put it on so it doesn't flap in the wind. It also keeps your spin halyard clean since all but the last little bit is inside the mast. Of course if a storm is coming or if I'm not going to be sailing the boat for a week or two, I take the sails off and bag them. Really going to be nice for extended cruising because you can leave the sail on all the time and not kill it with UV. That's one less sailbag I have find a spot for while cruising."


Oyster 575, 72' ATN Genoa Sleeve
Oyster 575- 72 ATN Genoa Sleeve