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ATN Spinnaker Sleeve ATN Spinnaker Sleeve
The problem is not to hoist the spinnaker but to get it back on the boat. That's when the ATN Spinnaker Sleeve makes the average sailboat owner a great sailor.
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ATN Tacker ATN Tacker
The patented Tacker has been developed to control the tack of the cruising spinnaker (asymmetric) by fastening it over the furled headsail and it allows you to use your conventional (symmetric) spinnaker like an asymmetric spinnaker from beam reaching to broad reaching without the need of the spinnaker pole.
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ATN Gale Sail

ATN Gale Sail
The patented Gale Sail from ATN, inc. is the safest and easiest way to hoist a storm jib in storm conditions.
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ATN Mastclimber ATN Mastclimber
The ATN Mastclimber is the only single handed bosun's chair that allows the operator to work ABOVE the mast head without leaving the chair. Climbing the mast has never been easier or safer!
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ATN Genoa Sleeve

ATN Genoa Sleeve
Protects a furled sail in place with a sun shield cover. The ATN Genoa Sleeve has a drawstring to further protect and secure the genoa.
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ATN Multihull Nets ATN Multihull Nets & Trampolines
Multihull Net/Trampolines comes in two styles: Knotted Polyester Black, for racing and Knitted White Polyester 20mm square for comfortable walking.
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ATN Multihull Forward Awning ATN Multihull Awning
The ATN Multi Awning for Multihulls is heavy duty and has a 5 year warranty.
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Belgium Jib Belgium Jib
The Belgium Job is an accessory to avoid wrapping the running spinnaker on a deep run for the Class 40 & Open 60 boats.
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ATN SnapRatchet ATN SnapRatchet
The ATN SnapRatchet block facilitates the dousing of the ATN spinnaker sleeve. Gives better control, mechanical advantage and allows operation of the ATN spinnaker sleeve from a sitting position.
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ATN Life Line Back Rest

ATN Life Line Back Rest
The ATN Life Line Back Rest is a great accessory for cruising or racing.
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ATN Ascender ATN Ascender
Designed by ATN and manufactured by CMI, this is the only ascender conceived to operate in a marine environment; manufactured with anodized Aluminum and Stainless Steel, it will not rust.
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ATN Snatch Block ATN Snatch Block
The only Snatch Block with no moving parts.
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ATN Winch Handle Holder ATN Winch Handle Holder
Holds handle flush with the mast or cockpit wall automatically.
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ATN Dorcap

ATN Dorcap
The Dorcap simultaneously transforms your hatches into air vents and dorade boxes.
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ATN Boat AirScoop ATN AirScoop
Clear plastic AirScoop fits over most sail or power ports.
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