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About the ATN Dorcap

The Dorcap simultaneously transforms your hatches into air vents and dorade boxes:
  • Doubles the airflow through the hatch.

  • Maintains airflow in case of rain.

  • Can be operated from the inside of the boat with the medium and large size.

  • Easy to fold and to store.

  • Easy and quick to mount and dismount.

  • Avoid ceaseless trips to open or close hatches.

  • Made with sea-worthy materials.

  • Patented brand and model.

The Dorcap has two settings: "maximum airflow" and "rain risk". The "maximum airflow" position significantly increases air pressure. It cannot be compared to other flexible systems such as the "wind scoop". Its ideal design, rigid system, absence of lateral leakage, provide a "compression acceleration" air stream which penetrates to the interior of your vessel. This doubles the airflow of an open hatch.
Dorcap Drawing
Important: To obtain maximum effect, you should leave a hatch or a door open on the other end of the cabin. You need to ensure that air can escape, creating optimal airflow inside the boat!

The "rain risk" position enables airflow identical to that of an open hatch without the inconvenience of rain entering the boat.

The Dorcap can be used for all types of hatch openings: towards the bow, rearwards or crosswise. Only the installation method between the deck and the hatch changes.
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Dorcap Pricing:
Small up to 17" wide hatch US $250.00
Medium up to 20" wide hatch US $320.00
Large up to 24" wide hatch US $395.00
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ATN Dorcap Open

Dorcap Canvas Vent and Dorade

ATN Dorcap Reefed

Dorcap Canvas Vent and Dorade
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Dorcap Review
Dorcap Review Practical Sailor Dorcap Review Practical Sailor

Any tropical sailor can appreciate the ATN Dorcap's mission: increase air flow down below and stay dry when a squall rolls through. Supported by a wire-formed hoop, the Dorcap requires no extra hardware to install. Avaiable in small, medium and large hatch sizes it easily slips over the hatch. Guys at the corners keep it in place, and a buckle/clip assembly lets you narrow the gap in the dorade-like opening with a tug from below.

Ruggedly constructed of Sunbrella, the Dorcap shrugged off a 25 knot squall during our test in the Florida Keys. Throughout the late summer heat and squalls, it kept the V-berth cool and dry. A high-aspect windscoop will funnel more air (especially at the dock) and stores more easily, but the Dorcap pays off on rainy nights on the hook.

Bottom Line: At $300, the Dorcap isn't cheap, but it should last at least 10 years. For tropical sailors who value their sleep and have the space to store it, it's a winner.

Practical Sailor, May, 2015

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Dorcap Testimonial
Love my new DORCAP all-weather ventilation cover which arrived today. Pulls in the breeze and keeps my cabin well ventilated and keeps out the rain too. It's like a wind-tunnel in there!! Another feature is that it acts as a shade and reduces the light level too making it more comfortable.

Thanks Etienne,
David D.

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Click for Larger Dorcap Image Click for Larger Dorcap Image

The Dorcap is an absolutely amazing addition to our boat ("The Bohemian", a Tayana 55 schooner)!! For the first time in over 35 years of significant boating, we finally have a substantial, refreshing breeze in the Owner's Cabin!! Well done!!

Many thanks for your "pushing on the envelope" and producing innovative, relevant products for the boating community. I would welcome the opportunity to beta test new products after they have left the drawing board.

Dave W.

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