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Spinnaker Sleeve Testimonial

For 10 years, I have owned and used my 40' spinnaker sleeve and tacker on the sailboat that my wife and I cruise all summer on Lake Michigan. We could not have the benefit of cruising with a spinnaker without the ATN sleeve to make the raise and douse easily manageable by two people.

After 10 years, I did something on a douse that caused the Harken block at the top of the sleeve to break and bind. I called ATN to get a replacement because we are still sailing for the rest of the summer and don't want to be without our spinnaker.

Here's what's astounding in the world of post-pandemic customer service . . . when you call ATN, you talk to Etienne. He listens to you describe your situation, he knows all of his products personally, he knows what part you'll need for the ATN product you have and he makes the time to get it out to you right away by however fast shipping you decide you want to pay for.

Etienne makes great products and the service you receive as a customer is almost unheard of.

Multi Awning Testimonial

Thanks again ATN for the great sun shade you make for our Leopard 43'. We have been cruising the Bahamas for 3 months and use it all the time! What a big difference it has made. You were right.
Frank & Tina W.
Spinnaker Sleeve Testimonial

ATN Leopard 43 Testimonial

Architectural Net Installation

Hello Etienne, first of all I want to mention that the experience with the nets has been wonderful!, thank you.
Also I want to ask for the best way to clean them, or the best products to do it.
Miguel H
Multihull Net Happy Customers

Hi Etienne, I finally installed the new Tramp Net and thought you might like to see the result. I'm quite pleased with the fit and finish. I'm a happy customer!

Phil L.
Multihull Net Happy Customer
Mastclimber works!

I just used my new mastclimber to replace a burned out spreader light. I asked my wife to take a picture but now it looks like you can't see the actual climbing hardware. I'm using my own bosun's chair. But I wanted you to know I'm happy with your product. Thanks. I also found that it works just fine to connect the halyard to a cleat at the bottom of the mast rather than at the side of the boat.

Steve B.
Mastclimber Testimonial

Dear Etienne:
Thank-you for the excellent repair of my spinnaker sock. I can't wait to try it out when I return to my boat in the caribbean this November. Excellent warranty service. Please feel free to use this on your testimonials page I will certainly recommend ATN to my friends.

Harry M.

Hello Etienne,
I got the Genoa Sleeve installed this weekend and its working great! Also noticed the two cleats, which is a great improvement and makes tightening it a lot easier. I'm ready for rain up here now thanks to your quick turn around, many thanks!


ATN Genoa Sleeve for behind the mast Roller Furling Mainsail
I wanted to tell you that I am using the sleeve that you made for me on my behind-the-mast roller furling main. Your Genoa Sleeve seems to be the perfect solution.

Capt. Max M.

I just wanted to thank you for the prompt repair/replacement of my genoa sleeve. This is the kind of service you have provided me since the early 1990s when I bought my first (of 2) Spinnaker Sleeves, a Tacker and later the Mastclimber.

David N.

I have known Etienne Giroire of ATN for over thirty years. Not only is he a great sailor, he has invented some great products to make sailing more enjoyable and safe. I bought two items from him before my wife and I set sail to do a circumnavigation in our 52 ft. ketch Lolita in 1999. The ATN Gale Sail (storm jib) was used often, in survival storms to just average trade winds of 30 to 35 knots for days at a time. Easy and safe, it is a must on any yacht. The ATN Spinnaker Sleeve made using a Spinnaker easy and fun. I know I would not have even taken the spinnaker along without his sleeve. I am in the process of retiring again from selling yachts and setting sail on my new yacht (48 Amel Ketch) to the South Pacific and I'm buying both the spinnaker sleeve and the Gale Sail from my friend ATN.

Pepper R.

Spinnaker Sleeve Testimonial
I want to compliment ATN on superb customer service. I bought a Spinnaker Sleeve from them five years ago and have been happily using it ever since.

During a race this summer, the pennant broke due to crevice corrosion. ATN had me send the sleeve back and replaced it with a Dyneema pennant and also repaired a hole in the sleeve, all under warranty. Great service from ATN! Drew S.
Papillon, F-27 #277
San Francisco Bay, CA


"I purchased your Gale Sail for my Beneteau 445 and used it 30-45 knots of wind on the passage from Bermuda to the Chesapeake. It worked great! We flew the Gale Sail almost the entire time."

Randy Williamson

I love the Gale Sail you recently sent me!
I was out in 25 to 30 knots and found it easy to set up and boat responded beautifully. I was surprised how much punch it added to my single-reefed main -- and at how well I could point. I was tacking through 75 degrees. I wouldn't expect to be able to do that in any kind of sea, but still it's nice to know that I can claw to windward if need be.
The sail is beautifully made. It will be nice peace of mind just having it aboard.

Michael Wheeler

Hi Etienne,
I met you at the Miami boat show and purchased a Mastclimber and a Gale Sail. I have been up the mast twice in the last three days. The mast climber works very well (and impressed my neighbors!). Many thanks for your excellent products.

Sarah H.

ATN Mastclimber Testimonial
I found my picture of using your Mastclimber. We chatted at the Chicago Strictly Sail Boat Show in January. I love this thing.
John F.


The country of French Polynesia in the South Pacific requires that a vessel depart the country every 36 months or face an import tax. After clearing from French Polynesia, one only need check into another country and can then immediately return to French Polynesia. Our 1984 Passport 40, Wings, had been in French Polynesia for 36 months and we chose the Cook Islands as our country to visit, 5 days downwind, and 7 days back upwind to French Polynesia.

We had terrible weather in both directions, all of which was unseasonable in both intensity and duration: Climate Change has begun. We'd call it a Small Craft Advisory or higher, with winds to 35 knots and seas to 20 feet. A few days into our return trip, the roller furling began to fail and after several days of attempting to repair it, we finally decided to bend on our ATN Gale Sail.

With our roller furling inoperable, we had difficulty getting the jib to behave while we hoisted the Gale Sail, but we finally succeeded. The Gale Sail returned control to us, reduced our boat speed, and let Wings get back on her feet again.

We want to present the ATN Gale Sail with the Best Gear Award for the trip! It bends on as advertised and is strong and dependable.

Thank you, ATN, for providing such a fine product. It's the first time that we've relied on it and it came through with flying colors.

William Ennis