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Multihull Nets
ATN Multihull Nets
About ATN Multihull Nets & Trampolines

Multihull Net/Trampolines styles:
Knotted Polyethylene 50mm available in Black or Green, for racing
Knitted White Polyester 30mm square for comfortable walking and lounging
30mm is available in grey or black: add 10%
Knitted Dyneema 60mm square for high tech and extreme lightness
Knitted Dyneema 25mm square for high tech and extreme lightness
Xtra Heavy Duty SuperTramp

Call 1-800-874-3671 (US Only) or Email with dimensions, and ATN will send a quote.

These nets are the real thing, initially designed and conceived for the French offshore trimarans like IDEC, Banque Populaire, and the ever growing Catamarans fleet; Lagoon, Soubise, OutreMer, Catana, Sunreef and Privilege, etc. Dyneema trampoline net is used for America's Cup racing catamarans.

How to calculate the price of your trampoline:
AB x X x $

50mm Polyethylene knotted black or green: $90.00 / m2.
30mm Polyester white knitted : $95.00 / m2.
25mm Dyneema white knitted : $190.00 / m2.
Xtra Heavy Duty SuperTramp : $175.00 / m2.

ATN Multihull Net Measurement- Click for Larger
ATN Multihull Net Measurement Click for Larger
*The dimensions taken should be the dimensions of the hole, from edge to edge, as we take the stretch of the material into account when manufacturing. (even if your net is not a square or a rectangle, we have to use material of the largest width by the longest length to manufacture it).

Sample Net & Trampoline in 30mm Polyester, Prices USD
Atlantic 42= $1653.00 Atlantic 48= $2337.50 Atlantic 57= $1991.50
Catana 381= $1402.50 Catana 401= $1402.50 Catana 42= $981.75 Catana 44= $1205.00 Catana 47= $1252.50 Catana 50= $2190.00
FP Athena = $1028.50 FP Belize = $1078.00 FP Lavezzi = $841.50 FP Orana = $1122.00 FP Bahia 46 = $1262.00 FP Tahiti 75 = $Inquire
Lagoon 32 = $841.50 Lagoon 380 = $874.50 Lagoon 400 = $1028.50 Lagoon 410 = $1178.00 Lagoon 420 = $624.00 Lagoon 440 = $954.00
Lagoon 450 = $1028.50 Lagoon 470 = $1320.00 Lagoon 500 = $1061.50 Lagoon 52 = $935.00 Lagoon 55 = $1655.00 Lagoon 560 = $1255.00
Lagoon 620 = $1544.00
Leopard 39= $841.50 Leopard 43= $823.00 Leopard 44= $863.50 Leopard 47= $1133.00 Leopard 58= $1424.50
Outremer 42= $1262.00 Outremer 45= $1561.00 Outremer 49/51= $1730.00 Outremer 55= $1776.00
Antares 44= $877.00 F32= $1347.50 Maverick 40= $838.00 Nautitech 475= $1309.00 Nautitech 54= $1449.00
Sunreef 62=$1991.00 Voyage 45=$1061.50 Voyage 500= $1188.00

Corsair F27 Main Side Nets
ATN now offers a pair of Main Side Nets for the Corsair / F27 in black polypropylene for $1175.00.

Xtra Heavy Duty SuperTramp
Longer durability than nets, sewed with Tenara / gore thread with SS grommets all around. See a SuperTramp installation in the Multihull Nets Image Gallery below.

Replace your old Lashing Line:
One spool of 100m - 300' x 3/16" polyester line = $100.00
One spool of 50m- 4mm / 3/16" polyester lashing rope = $60.00

Call 1-800-874-3671 (US Only) or Email with dimensions, and ATN will send a quote.
Download Replace Those Old Trampoline Nets

  • Used Multihull Nets
  • Lagoon 450 : 30mm polyester white - $750.00
    Lagoon 50 : 30 mm polyester white. - $725.00
    Lagoon 52: 30mm polyester white, $800.00
    Fountain Pajot Casamance: 30mm polyester white. New - $1050.00

    These multihull nets are lightly used, customers upgraded their boat with Supertramp material with trim. I cannot warranty these nets as they are used, but they are less than one year old.

    Testimonial & News

    FP Orana 44’
    Just wanted to let you know we’ve had our trampoline installed for a couple weeks now and are extremely happy with the fit and quality of it. Thank you very much!
    Cheers, Steve C.

    Ordered a 13mm multihull net (trampoline) for a Fountaine-Pajot Orana 44 from ATN. The prices are very reasonable and the owner knows his stuff! Will order from them again.

    Hi Etienne, I finally installed the new Tramp Net. I'm quite pleased with the fit and finish. I'm a happy customer!
    Phil L

    Install A New Trampoline On Your Multihull
    Install A New Trampoline on your Multihull

    Read the News Article Install A New Trampoline On Your Multihull
    from ALL AT SEA Magazine by Etienne Giroire.

    Click for the Movie and Larger Images of a Knot for Securing Multihull Nets and Trampolines

    How to Lash a Net to a Netknob by ATN

    Click for Larger Knot Image
    Click for Larger Knot Image
    Click for Larger Knot Image
    Click for Larger Knot Image
    Call 1-800-874-3671 (US Only) or Email with dimensions, and ATN will send a quote.