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Lifeline Netting
About ATN Custom Lifeline Netting

Most boats have stanchions from the bow to the stern, with a gate somewhere in the middle. Give the needed length, position of door, eventual openings for blocks and ATN will send you back 3 pieces, ready to install netting.

The netting should be installed inside the lifeline, with small lashings, or plastic ties. Price is $5.00 per foot.

ATN favors 1/4" plastic ties, as they are economical, strong ( 120lb rated breaking strength) and easily replaced if needed.
Price for a box of 100 is $15.00.

Contact Us for more info or call (954) 584-2477.
ATN Lifeline Netting and Plastic Ties Pricing:

Price: $5.00 per foot

Plastic Ties (100) $15.00

Contact ATN for more information.

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ATN Lifeline Net- Protects Children, Pets and Adults, too.
ATN Lifeline Net- Protects Children, Pets and Adults, too